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Moving to the cloud

We have partnered with Google and Microsoft to offer the two leading digital education platforms. Not only that we also offer professional quality training and support that you would expect through ICT Solutions, delivered by Google Educators and Microsoft Trainers.

Our expert team are widely versed in both Microsoft Education and Google Workspace for Education Cloud platforms and can support your move to the cloud whilst adhering to your eSafety and GDPR policy. 

Why move your systems and services to the cloud:

  • Has the potential to make services more useful and engaging
  • Can break down barriers you encounter with older systems, such as remote access
  • Can lead to a cost saving
  • Can be more secure

Some of your community will already be experiencing the benefits of having made the move to the cloud including parents, pupils and staff. They will now expect this kind of service in all aspects of their lives.

You may already be using some cloud-based services, such as:

  • Communication tools - including email, instant messaging, video conferencing and telephony
  • New versions of core office applications - including online collaborative versions of word processor, presentation and spreadsheet software
  • Specialist applications - including HR and finance systems, management information systems (MIS) and curriculum software and content
  • Back office systems - including document storage, backup, content, filtering and user and device management
  • Online servers - for example, full versions of school servers hosted online and managed over the internet

Some schools may have everything in the cloud with a server free solution. For others, a 'hybrid' approach will be suitable, with a mix of cloud and locally hosted systems or services. Moving to the cloud can be gradual and specific to your school's or trust's requirements.

Benefits for schools:

Economy - saving money

  • Reduce licence costs - leading technology providers offer free-to-use cloud services, including communication tools and core office applications
  • Using cloud only devices - cost effective and reliable devices, designed to link directly to cloud applications
  • Saving money on the energy to run on-site servers

Efficiency - saving teachers' time

  • Give staff the flexibility to access services from wherever they are, using the devices that are most convenient to them
  • Support collaboration by helping staff to easily share and co-author documents, files, lesson content and plans.
  • Make it easier for teachers and pupils to research, analyse and use new curriculum resources

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