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Cyber Security

We know that protecting yourself and your staff and students online whilst keeping your data secure is a massive challenge in the current climate. It seems that hackers and phishers are constantly trying to access your data through phishing emails, and attacking major organisations to steal account information.

We have made Cyber Security our number one priority, and follow the latest advice from NEN The Education Network and National Cyber Security Centre to continue to monitor and review our internet tools.

In partnership with cyber security specialists Secure Schools, ICT Solutions are delighted to offer a new cyber resilience programme for schools, federations and trusts.

Watch the video of our cyber security information session which we held jointly with the Police and Secure Schools, for further information and the extended agenda view our recent events pages

Read more about the tools we provide to keep you safe and secure.

Internet Filtering

A safe, secure e-learning environment and maintain compliance while protecting your students, staff and establishment from malicious or inappropriate content.

Specific benefits of our offering include:– 

  • Categorise websites so they can be allowed or denied as a block message - we have gone through this category list and produced some base templates to ensure you are protected right from the start
  • Get a login to manage your filtering directly – you no longer have to put requests into your IT support team if you want to make changes, you can allow or block websites immediately in school
  • This login will also allow you access to create reports to see which websites the school are accessing - you can easily schedule these reports to evaluate this on a regular basis
  • Split staff and student filtering levels – allowing you to lock down what your pupils can access while ensuring your teachers and staff can get to all the internet sites they need to do their job
  • Go further and Integrate with Active Directory so you can report and filter on individual user accounts

Email Security

We can provide your Staff and Students with NSIX email addresses on our shared G-Suite environment and we have an alerting system looking for key words or phrases in emails that may flag inappropriate behaviour or threats.  These alerts can be received by as many or as few people in the school as you would like.

Our generic email system uses the Microsoft’s Office 365 Education platform. We configure Multi-Factor Authentication on your tenancy, meaning you will have to provide a secondary login code when logging in from a new machine, and we use our experience from multiple Office 365 roll-outs to support you through this process.  Multi-Factor Authentication is essential for keeping internet facing platforms secure.

This system is also configured with security features which automatically alerts our support teams if suspicious activity is detected on your accounts, as well as a banned word list to prevent malicious emails being received. 

Secure File Transfer

Our free to use AnyComms Secure File Transfer offering is fully web based, with no client software required, and no updates for you to do. 

You can transfer files, such as CTFs, finance files and Child Missing in Education files, securely between Education establishments and the Local Authority.

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