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Digital Education Platforms

From 5 January 2021, all schools and colleges are required to close to most pupils and students. Whilst vulnerable pupils and students, and the children of key workers, can continue to be educated in person, DfE expects schools and colleges to immediately offer all other pupils and students access to remote education. 

Visit the Government website to find out what is working well in remote education then read more on how we can help you achieve this.

We recommend that you use a Digital Education Platform to enable learning effectively and efficiently, we have partnered with Google and Microsoft to offer the two leading Digital Educations Platforms. Not only that we also offer professional quality training and support that you would expect through ICT Solutions, delivered by Google Educators and Microsoft Trainers.

If you would like to know more about our Digital Education Platforms or our Training and Support packages please click on the links below.

Google Classroom with Meet                                             Microsoft Teams

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