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Remote Access Service

Would your teachers like to be able to get to their files at school when they are not in the building?

Do your support staff need to get to some IT in the school building when they are at home?  

Updata, have designed a service based on Norfolk schools’ feedback.  

‘Simple, fast and reliable’ was the key message. So these are the ‘must haves’ we have designed our solution around. 

  • 'Simple' means no tokens to worry about or lose. There will be only a single sign-on, so you won’t have to authenticate a second time. Your school’s designated authentication service will deal with checking you in to the remote connection.
  • ‘Fast’ means being able to log on quickly, whether it’s to your desktop PC, your files, or a server your technical team need to support. You should then be able to work as fast and seamlessly as your local internet connection permits - whether you are at home or even on holiday. 
  • ‘Reliable’ means you can count on your connection staying up while you want it. We will not be enabling any arbitrary timeouts, which will cut you off without warning and cause you to lose your work. Reliable also means resilient, and we are designing our solution to achieve the highest possible availability. 

Security is also important, so we will be offering to create up to 4 groups for each school (for example, Teachers, Students, Support staff) and you can choose the areas that each group will be able to see on their home page. 


What will it look like? 

The user may access their School’s service using their Web Browser and entering either the Generic URL or Specific URL. 

Schools Generic URL (e.g. https://schoolsRAS/) 
School Specific URL (e.g. https://schoolsRAS/sunny01)

A school’s Generic URL provides a Welcome screen containing school dropdown, username and password fields. This is useful for a user who accesses different schools, for example in a Trust. The Specific URL Welcome screen contains just user and password fields, avoiding the need to select the school from a list. 

The Gateway will authenticate the user with the school’s authentication service. If successful, the user is presented with their Group Portal page. 

If you decide you want anything changed, there will be a simple process to request changes, via the ICT Solutions Service Desk. 


How to sign up for the service 

Please email your request to (copying in stating the number of teaching staff you have. Once you have accepted the quote for the service, a form will be sent to you to complete and start the process of implementation.