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Coronavirus - Microsoft

Recent weeks have been especially challenging for teachers, students, and families as schools close and normal routines are disrupted. This transition is all the more daunting for educators who aren’t yet comfortable using technology, so we want to make it easier to get started. To help with that, we’re sharing the links below to help teachers during this crisis. You’ll find resources to enable remote instruction, student engagement, collaboration with peers, and more.

If you have “Generic” accounts

You can access Microsoft Teams via and using your generic email account (e.g. and password and then you’ll be able to schedule and host video meetings.

You will also have access to other Office 365 online applications and collaborate with others who have a “generic” email address at your school.


If you have your own Microsoft Tenant (Office 365)

As per the above with the “Generic” email but you will, more than likely, have all staff and maybe students set up with an O365 A1 licence.

This will allow chat, online video meetings, sharing of documents, storage of documents via Microsoft Teams and access to all of the Office 365 online applications.

If you do not have your own tenant, contact ICT Solutions to discuss the benefits of this.

* If you are thinking of using this with pupils you may wish to consider gaining parental consent first.

Office 365 for Education

How to quickly use Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning

How to use Microsoft Office 365 for Remote Teaching and Learning

The ultimate cheat sheet right at your fingertips, download the Microsoft Teams for Education quick start guide 

Learn how to get started with Teams using these webinars designed for educators

Free Get Started training for creating your online classroom in Office 365

Visit the Family Learning Center for a collection of free family-led educational activities

Make remote learning effective and engaging with Microsoft Education resources

Connect with other Educators at FlipGrid

Get expert advice on setting up an online classroom at FlipGrid

How to engage Students with remote learning using Flipgrid


Information for parents and guardians

Top tips for the Suddenly Home-School Facilitator

Distance learning with Office 365: Guidance for parents and guardians

🔗 Links to key resources - Microsoft Education Remote Learning page for Parents:

M365 Microsoft Education Glossary:

Microsoft Teams Education for Parents and Families Guide:

Special Education and Remote Learning Accessibility Resources:

🆘 Microsoft Education Support pages for parents:

✅ Student Quick Start Guide:

Quick Tip Videos to Learn about the distance learning inclusive classroom and accessibility capabilities.

Playlists to go through – 1-2 minute how to videos

📖 Reading

✍ Writing

➗ Math

🗣 Communication


(158) Remote Learning Tips For Parents // Microsoft Education resources, Teams, and more - YouTube

📝 Table of contents

0:00 Introduction

0:15 Show the Microsoft Education main Remote Learning site

0:56 Parent Mindsets - Thriving, Coping and Overwhelmed

2:40 M365 Glossary for Microsoft Education products

4:12 Teams for Education Family Guide

4:58 Mec Accessiblity site for students with special needs

7:27 Microsoft Store free online workshops for students