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DFE issued devices and internet access for students during COVID19

Vodafone Internet Access

Vodafone UK announced it is giving free connectivity to 250,000 children across the UK to help them access school work from home, catch up on lost learning during school holidays, and continue with their education if they are required to isolate. The Vodafone schools.connected support – in the form of data SIMs – is available to primary and secondary schoolchildren in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Schools can order the data SIMs to give to pupils who find it difficult to access education from home because they don’t have the right connectivity. Each SIM has a 30GB data allowance valid for 90 days.

The launch of this emergency package follows consultation with head teachers and education trusts, who report that many children are struggling to access education from home due to a lack of connectivity.

More details and how to apply can be found here


DfE Devices and Internet Access

In response to the current coronavirus outbreak, the Department for Education has announced it will provide devices such as laptops and tablets, and internet access (4G routers with 8GB of data) to some disadvantaged children and young people who do not currently have them.

Government’s latest guidance on laptops, tablets and internet access

Educational establishments will have applied for devices and any done so via Norfolk County Council are now being processed.

They are currently owned by Norfolk County Council and loaned to the student for education use, each device will be enrolled onto a centrally managed device console for an initial period for management. Cisco umbrella filtering software will be installed as standard on all devices for safeguarding purposes. For children attending a new school, the device will stay with the student and the new school will be notified accordingly. 

Please be aware that at the current time you will be unable to install software onto these devices or enrol them onto your own school MDM solutions. We are working with our colleagues in NPLaw regarding how these can be transferred over to your control, and further communications will be issued when we know more.



Question: The devices are delivered with the child’s initials on them, what if I am unsure who they are for?

Answer: If you email - they will be able to advise you

Question: The device has been given to a child, but they are leaving our school at the end of the Summer term – what happens to the device? 

Answer: The device goes with the child to their new school, they do not need to return it to you 

Question: We have received a device which is no longer required, or we feel it would be beneficial for another child what should we do?

Answer: Please email - to advise and they will arrange for it to be collected. Do not simply hand it over to another child. 

Question: Why can I not install additional applications or other software that our establishment uses?

Answer: This is because at present the devices are not the ownership of the establishment. Moving forward, they may well do so and can then be customised

Question: Should the devices simply work once they are taken out of the box?

Answer: Yes, they should. Please ensure you check inside the box as there will be a guide to show you how to log in to them

Question: What do I do if I see .\localadmin on my device – I have no password?

Answer: You will not be able to log in, it needs to read .\localuser

You can either overtype so it reads .\localuser and then hit enter or click the arrow beside password. (No password is required for .\localuser)

Alternatively, if you cannot overtype it but see this screen, click the Key icon and it should take you to a new screen where you can log in as .\localuser

If you click on the other icon it will prompt you to log in with an email account, which is not possible